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National Action Now

Youth job training program: National Action Now is reaching out to those who need a job skill. We need sponsors and support from everyone to make this happen. A job skill or job trade are the way out of poverty and a life of crime, and unemployment. Please help us as we help others. Thank you.


Please help our young people thank you.

Our History


Attention parents, National Action Now has started a new program that will focus on violent out of control youths, black youths in particular. Black youths are committing  most of the violent crimes in our cities and towns. We want to help stop it. We know that poverty and a lack of a good education, and job training are to blame for most of the violence in our communities. We also realize that religious teaching must be a part of the plan. We only need your help to do this. We see black youths walking around with nothing to do. So they start stealing, robbing, and even killing innocent  people, This is unacceptable. We will start by going into these impoverished drug infested neighborhoods where the violence are happening and reachout to these youths.  Nobody want to go there, but we will.

Thank you and God bless you. 

Our Mission


National Action Now is a youth outreach/Charitable Organization that help underserved youths of our nation. We help them with job skills and help them find jobs. 

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